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About The Company

Talent Capital is a boutique firm
offering family office services and advanced financial planning solutions.
Our approach is both flexible and holistic,
ensuring a comprehensive financial trajectory.
We leverage cutting-edge financial technology to facilitate meticulous analysis and research.








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The team actively combines the technological ability with the financial knowledge, in order to get clearer answers to the uncertainties and risks that characterize the financial world.

investment strategy
% 90
AI Utilities
% 76
family assets
% 85
% 98

Our Services

Financial planning

Specialization in generating personally tailored investments. Institute a holistic approach with a broad vision of the entire scope of family assets.

Asset Allocation& Exclusive Products

Optimal asset allocation tailored to the client through a wide range of tradable investment tools, including alternative investments for optimizing returns considering risk and volatility.

Planning Pension, Tax & Wealth transfer

Comprehensive financial planning includes pension portfolios, inheritance transfers, tax, and credit management.

Risk Management

Addressing a wide range of issues with an emphasis on risk management and ongoing control using state-of-the-art analytics platforms.


Talent Capital utilizes financial technology tools, including development of in-house financial tools, for ongoing analysis and monitoring.


Talent Capital has extensive access to local and global research sources, in addition to independent and inhouse research material where required.

Why Us

Optimized Strategy

Specializing in building a personalized investment strategy with flexible financial planning with a holistic perspective and vision of the total assets of the family and referring to a set of issues with an emphasis on risk management and ongoing control using technological tools.

Digital Fintech Tools

Use of digital fintech tools while integrating proprietary tools developed by the company for analysis and consumer research to examine the local and global financial products and investment tools.

Adaptive Portfolio

Active management of an independent and strategic investment portfolio adapted to the client’s profile while taking advantage of opportunities, including market failures.

Track Record

Experienced and skilled executive team with a proven financial track record.


Meet Our Team

What people say about us?

I have known Ronen for a long time, and use him quite a bit to get out-of-the-box investment ideas, including overseeing the management of large money owned by the family. I enjoy reading his reviews and insights on the financial markets. Ronen is endowed with wisdom and creativity and is the kind of person who learns and enjoys teaching others every day. The Mendelssohn Family

Alon Mendelsohn

It is rare to find a place that gives such treatment to my personal capital. In my experience, Talent Capital (Ronen and Rami for me) are PowerCapel that brings professionalism, creativity and especially a lot of experience in the financial world, and make me confident that my money is in a safe, professional and mostly profitable place. You feel and see that they come from the heart and love what they do, and accordingly the results.

Rom Ben-Zvi

I have known Ronen for about 20 years, a hardworking, smart, decent man and a loyal friend. A few years ago he offered to manage part of the investment portfolio for me, I was satisfied with the way he thought and performed, and I transferred the lion’s share of my money to his management.

Client A (requesting anonymity)

I know Ronen from another time who worked in high-tech and we have been friends for 3 decades. When Ronen opened the Family Office activity. I decided to take all of my family's wealth management under his care. Ronen is a man of faith in all matters related to the negotiable management of the family's assets and is an honest, decent man with inspiring resourcefulness. We went through challenging times together and Ronen always had an inspiring optimism and fighting spirit. I have no doubt that every client who connects to an affair will receive a human asset that has no price. Highly recommend.

Client B (requesting anonymity)

I have known Ronen for over two decades and he worked under me. A dedicated, professional and hardworking man. Ronen began with the personal guidance of an investment portfolio and gradually became a man of faith in everything related to managing the family's money. I am sure that everyone who works with Ronen will discover a person with a big heart, flexibility of thought and overall vision.

Client C (requests anonymity)

We have been working with Ronen for several years and we have learned to appreciate his knowledge and contribution. Ronen has extensive knowledge and experience in the capital market which allows him to manage the portfolio in a way that achieves higher performance than the benchmark In addition he has access to unique alternative investment tools and the possibility to enter these tools at significantly lower amounts compared to the standard minimum amounts.

Client D (requests anonymity)

*All reviews are from real customers who will be happy to share their experience upon request*

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